Upgraded to Unifi VIP20

Last week, I received a call from TMNET offering me to upgrade my UniFi VIP10 to UniFi VIP20 for just RM219 (RM232.14 with GST) per month instead of RM263.94. OKlah tu, discount around RM30.

Usually, I do not even care to pickup if telemarketer calls, but I did that day. Well TMNET got me that day. Now I have restarted my 24-Months with them. Nice. 😐

This one… old already. Now on UniFi 50… Long story short, nanti contract dah nak habis… TM akan offer upgrade punya. huhuhu

Adam’s 1st & 2nd Barber Haircut

This was Adam’s 1st Haircut, taken 1 year ago. Nak marah ja. So Abie dia could not go anywhere. Kena duduk tepi dan assist the barber. Nasib baik dengar kata, kalau tidak. Pasti susah. Actually, kalau susah sangat, I did cakap sama barber… “Kasi Botak!”. Nasib baik tidak menjadi kenyataan. Pasti Cik Puan bising nanti.

Below was his second visit to barber’s. Yang ini happy sikit. Tiada marah dan suka hati. Mudah yang ini.

Something is wrong with Tumblr

I think there is something not right with our adored and precious Tumblr. Well forget about other people who have issues with Tumblr. It does not work for me. Some images do not even load. It looks atrocious.


If the image is viewed directly, browser will show this error message:


Is Tumblr disallowing linking to their hosted imaged? Well, I do not know. /sigh

Upon googling for “tumblr AccessDenied“, I came across with an interesting article “Why do images from some Tumblr pages not load, but using wget on them works?

After some reading, now I understand this has something to do with their servers. This is no network issue. As wget to that image works and that image is available in Tumblr. If some minor changes are made to the url of that image, it will show as usual.

Take this as example:

http://31.media.tumblr.com/99451fbb1d17a72822f774b06d8fedf1/tumblr_n89wv3ionq1qefimno1_1280.jpg <- This link will not work.

But if we change that 31 to say 41 the image will appear as usual.

Example: http://41.media.tumblr.com/99451fbb1d17a72822f774b06d8fedf1/tumblr_n89wv3ionq1qefimno1_1280.jpg




Interim Survey on Malaysian Reading Habit 2014

Update : The Survey has been closed.

The National Library of Malaysia in collaboration with the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), Educational Technology Division of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Librarians Association of Malaysia, the Malaysian Public Library Directors Council (MPAM) and Conference of Academic Libraries and National Library of Malaysia (PERPUN) is conducting an Interim Survey on Malaysians Reading Habit 2014. The objectives of this survey are to identify number of books read by Malaysians based on demographic and the trend of reading habit among Malaysians.

Click Here to participate.

This photo, “Evening Read” is copyright (c) 2011  Roxanne Ready and made available under a Attribution 2.0 license.

It ain’t TM’s fault this time…

I have noticed that my internet connection is not as speedy as it used to be. Higher Latency, slow response time, turtle + snail like internet connection. Something is not right somewhere… Yes definitely, something is happening out there.

If it so happens just at home… then TM is to blame. My office super internet connection also flops and so does my Mobile Internet. It ain’t TM NET this time round.

A quick search on the internet reveals something. A report reads…

Fault in AAG Submarine Cable Causes Massive Internet Slowdown Across Southeast Asia

And as usual, bunch of angry users is constantly blaming TM Net for this. Well, look at the bright side. Slow internet means less gaming which will result into better sleep and well CENSORED (small kids please stay away).