World of Warcraft… looking back

Good Day and Salam Sejahtera

It is not wrong to assume World of Warcraft as the most addictive, popular and best MMORPG. It is revealed in research that 62% of MMORPG markets is held by World of Warcraft. Somewhere in January 2008,, reported that World of Warcraft had reached 10 million users worldwide. Bear the numbers, 10 million subscribers, Malaysia has 25,274,132 (July 2008 est.) and Singapore has around 4,608,167 (July 2008 est.) [both numbers are taken from CIA World Factbook]. Imagine that, I am one of those 10 million people, slave of Blizzard Entertainment. Most of us pay approx. RM50 per month for the subscription fees. For 2 years, I have spent around RM1200 for this World of Warcraft (not including the expansion sets which is priced around RM99 for Burning Crusade and around RM150 for the latest Expansion The Wrath of the Lich King).

Come, we go back in time and learn who is this CULPRIT who introduced this game to me. First of all, I never blame him. The real culprit is my inner self who always want to be the Champion of the Horde. I have told this friend of mine to never give me the WoW Trial when he revealed his intention to me. “No! Don’t!!!” That was what I told him. A couple of hours later, he came with the game. Shittey!!! That was like 2 years ago when I was in Shah Alam. I did not even care to look at the game but he left it on my table, just on top of Xbox 360. I still remember that moment. He purposely put it there, my favourite spot, in front of the Computer.

It was as if the Box spoke to me “Munmon come and play this game. Show the world your inner self. Be the Champion of Thrall!”. /sigh. That was the moment. The very day of me choosing to be one of those 10 million players. Hey!!! It was not my fault at all. I am choiceless (this word does not exist!!!) at that time. People like me would understand why I made that decision.

Then, my life has changed. Social-Life is less important to me now. I don’t really care for party and such. This World of Warcraft is my life now.


Proud to be an orc!!!

Good Evening and Good Day

To all World of Warcraft players, salutation to all of you. For the past few days, I have been questing in Dragon Blight for hours. I want to unlock the Battle for Undercity which is so far the most Epic Quest in World of Warcraft. Not just Epic, very-very Epic. The best quest line in World of Warcraft. The longest and most happening quest.

What makes me happy and proud as a Horde, specifically an Orc, is this questline : Blood Oath of the Horde. One of the series of Chain Quests to unlock the Battle for Undercity. This is the Blood Oath of the Horde;

Lok’tar ogar! Victory or death – it is these words that bind me to the Horde. For they are the most sacred and fundamental of truths to any warrior of the Horde.

I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief’s desire. I am a weapon of my Warchief’s command.

From this moment until the end of days I live and die – For the Horde!

By reading the text alone will me me shiver and anxious. Any hordling will be proud to be one.

The Wrath of the Lich King…

Good Morning and Good Day

It has been a while. Not too long by the way. I just bought me a copy of World of Warcraft newest Expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King. A great game and more challenging. This game is my alternate life. Ohh My. I am so addicted to this game. It’s bad, but I still continue playing. It’s crazy, but I enjoy the content of the game. One thing I am sure of it, World of Warcraft is full of fun.

I paid RM168 for this game and will make sure it’s a well spent stuff. Btw, I am still on queue to enter the World of Warcraft. 1000+ queues man. What the hell. Eversince WotLK has been launched Aman’Thul has become Aman’Phail.

/sigh. /blame Einharjier and Larhart for this!!!

What World of Warcraft Class Are You?

I’m RogueI live in the darkness, the dimly lit alleys and tavern basements, attacking my enemies swiftly and mercilessly or plotting the next silent overthrow. I am a master of stealth and subterfuge, employing any which way to gain the advantage. I am an assassin, a spy, a thief, a pickpocket, a poison master – and I will vanish before your very eyes when I think I might lose. There simply aren’t enough sharp things in the world to keep me thoroughly occupied, and I am more dangerous when bored. You won’t find my name in history books, but rest assured I am there, weaving in and out of the shadows and manipulating the world to my needs.

[VG] Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

What can I say. Me friend bought this game as substitution of Halo 3 as promised. The justification is simple, Halo 3, single player (which means, me only. lol), this game n the other hand, all can play. Ahh. Nevermind, he has been talking about this since Feb 2008. Only to become reality this month of Ramadan. At least the promise has been fulfilled. He is no more Mr. Poyol. har har har.

Okey, on with the game review. I really thought this Editon will be the same like Guitar Hero 3. It is not. Lessened difficulty, short career and not so many contents. First timer can beat the medium level without much difficulty, easy as ABC. I was quite disappointed to realize, the sugar-coated songs by Aerosmith were not present. Amazing, Crazy and I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing are not included.

I believe GH3 is better. But to Aerosmith Fan, this is a must buy. You, Mr. Ketua, should have bought GH3 rather than this. That’s why you need to ask people who know. sigh….

Out of 5 stars I can give this game 3 out 5.

Oh Nooo. I am so stupid!!!

Good Evening,

Yesterday, I had hard time to sleep due to daytime sleep. Well, it’s suck. Since I could not sleep, I spent my time with my Ubuntu, trying this Samba Application. Once of the functions, messed with my sudoers file. I can’t do SUDO anymore. Shit. How to edit that file if I can’t SUDO.

But, as usual, no need to panic as I had (I though I had, but no!!!) the Ubuntu LIVE CD. I just could not find the CD. Double shit for me. So I use the Alternate Installation CD which had this recover function. Use that to edit the sudoers file. Done, save and reboot the file. But nothing happened!!! Did I mess with my boot loader. I believed I did. I did chose the option to amend Grub. But that was on the other HDD not the main HDD.

As usual, I always learnt my lesson through the hard way. So i decided to do Clean Re-installation of Ubuntu. Aaa. That’s nice. I would have Fresh Installed Ubuntu. With a price – to lose all of my files (MP3, WMA, OGG, JPG, WMV, World of Warcraft, XBMC, Diablo2 and etc. Well, it’s okay. I have backups. Numerous of them, here and there. Everywhere.

Finish installation, reboot and the same problem. Nothing but blank screen. Arghhhhh. Reboot and entered CMOS and here the real problem lay, the CMOS setting was not correct. Boot order was not correct. Then, I smiled and said “God! Why must you punish me this way all the time??!!

Now, I have Fresh Ubuntu Installed and need to reinstall the God of All Games : World of Warcraft. The tedious process with 10 CDs (Both WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade).

So, tonight will be World of Warcraft Installation Night. Realm will be offline, so no worries!!!

ohhh munmon you suck big time this time!!!!

World of Warcraft Addiction

Good Morning

May the Lord of the Universe bless you. To all mankind and creatures of the world, Good Day and Good Health. We are all under magni nominis umbra. Christian??? No. I am not. Muslim I am. Not a good one and not bad either.

MMORPG or Massively multi-player online role-playing game is one of the modern world phenomenons. A plague some might call it, a gold making opportunity for the business oriented organisations. For the players, the best form of entertainment. I am one of those players. Enter the World of Warcraff, one of the best MMORPGs ever developed. Tons of such games exist today.

I believe not in such addiciton until it is too late. Too late to break free. Once you play you will have hard time to break from it. What makes this game addictive, I can never tell. The addiction is greater than anything I have ever craved before. A day without World of Warcraft feels like something is missing. You know the feeling when you are about to sleep but you can’t since you miss something. That’s the feeling.

It is not like drug addiction. There’s no withdrawal effect and muscle spasms. But there’s psychological effect. I am telling you what happen to me during the weeks of no World of Warcraft. Connection problems. For the last two weeks, I had this disconnection problem. I could only stay online in WoW for the max of 3 minutes. Then magically transferred to the Log in Screen with big annoying message “Disconnected from the Server”. That is enough to piss me off and make my day goes bad. Moody character I was during the duration of Curse of DC by TMNUTS and its SCREAMYX.

I am Gay (not that kind of Gay) person, a happy person. I never thought of not being able to play WoW, I would be very grumpy. Indeed I was very grumpy. Seemed like my emotion was being hurt. Oh yes, I was so pissed off with TmNet. Cursed them before going to sleep. Cursing is not my character, but World of Warcraft changes me. WoW has taken over my life. To my surprise, I have developed one kind of emotional attachment to my character “Loktaramish” and all of his affiliates. I even consider Lokt as my better-half, it is me in the World of Warcraft. I even think that Lokt is me and the look and cosmetic appearance of Lokt must suit my preferences. Anything that I do not like, even better than my current gear will never be worn. That Orc is me. Oh God! What is happenning to me.

Luckily, I can do my jobs at work. But still, I will take a minute or two to look at my Armoury just to ease my feeling. The burning desire to play World of Warcraft consumes my soul every now and then. I can stop playing for the max of 2 days. More that that, only God knows how the burning desire urge me to play. Come and Play the Word of Warcraft the brain tells me.

Take Care All. The World of Warcraft awaits

My night life without WoW

Good Afternoon

World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPGs available today. Well this is the only MMORGP I ever played. I do not enjoy much of these on-line games. Sometimes it is wonderful. I prefer to solo. However, with WoW, you’ll need to have a group. World of Warcraft is the game I enjoy so much since Xbox 360. Until… one fateful day when DC continue to persist. One after another.

All I see is total blackness. My Karazhan raid, Alterac Valley Battle Ground, My earth signet, all seem to move away from me. The DC sickness is all around me. Loktaramish, Polatoo, Gemok and Duitloktar have not seen me in ages. I miss my toons. Spiteblade on Lokt’s back, Duitloktar and his Bank Suit and of course the total Gold with him. I miss them.

New router and new modem. Internet seems like to work normally. But, entering the virtual world of World of Warcarft, the most is 5 minutes then will be transported to Login Screen. Arghhhhhh. This ain’t hapenning. It has been 2 weeks, 14 nights without World of Warcraft.

To many it is a virtual world. As for me, it is the world of fun and glory. Killing as many Mobs in Kara as I can. Maximizing my DPS and seeking the path of the Champion or becoming the Master Assasin.

Sigh… Setupid TMNET!!!