Me Xbox 360 got pwned… 3 ROD


Apparently electrical appliances do have feelings. I tell you, they have soul too. Just a week after I bought new PS3, me Xbox 360 gone kaput. The well-known 3 Rings of Death had been unleashed on me. Yeay! Way to go Bill!!! Just another reason to hate Microsoft even more.

All this PS3 stuff was actually the outcome of an unholy alliance between me housemate and I. He bought new HDTV and I bought PS3. That was the deal, Xbox got pwned… that was not in the deal

  1. New 37″ Sharp HDTV AQUOS RM 3000
  2. New PS3 with 2 Games RM 1800
  3. Broken Xbox 360… priceless

It was manufactured in 2006 and died last week 2009. At least it served me well for 3 years. My sole form of escapism before WoW. Lucky to have bought PS3.

[VG] Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

What can I say. Me friend bought this game as substitution of Halo 3 as promised. The justification is simple, Halo 3, single player (which means, me only. lol), this game n the other hand, all can play. Ahh. Nevermind, he has been talking about this since Feb 2008. Only to become reality this month of Ramadan. At least the promise has been fulfilled. He is no more Mr. Poyol. har har har.

Okey, on with the game review. I really thought this Editon will be the same like Guitar Hero 3. It is not. Lessened difficulty, short career and not so many contents. First timer can beat the medium level without much difficulty, easy as ABC. I was quite disappointed to realize, the sugar-coated songs by Aerosmith were not present. Amazing, Crazy and I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing are not included.

I believe GH3 is better. But to Aerosmith Fan, this is a must buy. You, Mr. Ketua, should have bought GH3 rather than this. That’s why you need to ask people who know. sigh….

Out of 5 stars I can give this game 3 out 5.