World of Warcraft… looking back

Good Day and Salam Sejahtera

It is not wrong to assume World of Warcraft as the most addictive, popular and best MMORPG. It is revealed in research that 62% of MMORPG markets is held by World of Warcraft. Somewhere in January 2008,, reported that World of Warcraft had reached 10 million users worldwide. Bear the numbers, 10 million subscribers, Malaysia has 25,274,132 (July 2008 est.) and Singapore has around 4,608,167 (July 2008 est.) [both numbers are taken from CIA World Factbook]. Imagine that, I am one of those 10 million people, slave of Blizzard Entertainment. Most of us pay approx. RM50 per month for the subscription fees. For 2 years, I have spent around RM1200 for this World of Warcraft (not including the expansion sets which is priced around RM99 for Burning Crusade and around RM150 for the latest Expansion The Wrath of the Lich King).

Come, we go back in time and learn who is this CULPRIT who introduced this game to me. First of all, I never blame him. The real culprit is my inner self who always want to be the Champion of the Horde. I have told this friend of mine to never give me the WoW Trial when he revealed his intention to me. “No! Don’t!!!” That was what I told him. A couple of hours later, he came with the game. Shittey!!! That was like 2 years ago when I was in Shah Alam. I did not even care to look at the game but he left it on my table, just on top of Xbox 360. I still remember that moment. He purposely put it there, my favourite spot, in front of the Computer.

It was as if the Box spoke to me “Munmon come and play this game. Show the world your inner self. Be the Champion of Thrall!”. /sigh. That was the moment. The very day of me choosing to be one of those 10 million players. Hey!!! It was not my fault at all. I am choiceless (this word does not exist!!!) at that time. People like me would understand why I made that decision.

Then, my life has changed. Social-Life is less important to me now. I don’t really care for party and such. This World of Warcraft is my life now.


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  1. Shaira December 24, 2008 / 5:38 AM

    Happy Birthday Mun! Semoga murah rezeki & panjang umur & cepat kahwin, hehe. Enjoy your birthday aite?

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