Oh Nooo. I am so stupid!!!

Good Evening,

Yesterday, I had hard time to sleep due to daytime sleep. Well, it’s suck. Since I could not sleep, I spent my time with my Ubuntu, trying this Samba Application. Once of the functions, messed with my sudoers file. I can’t do SUDO anymore. Shit. How to edit that file if I can’t SUDO.

But, as usual, no need to panic as I had (I though I had, but no!!!) the Ubuntu LIVE CD. I just could not find the CD. Double shit for me. So I use the Alternate Installation CD which had this recover function. Use that to edit the sudoers file. Done, save and reboot the file. But nothing happened!!! Did I mess with my boot loader. I believed I did. I did chose the option to amend Grub. But that was on the other HDD not the main HDD.

As usual, I always learnt my lesson through the hard way. So i decided to do Clean Re-installation of Ubuntu. Aaa. That’s nice. I would have Fresh Installed Ubuntu. With a price – to lose all of my files (MP3, WMA, OGG, JPG, WMV, World of Warcraft, XBMC, Diablo2 and etc. Well, it’s okay. I have backups. Numerous of them, here and there. Everywhere.

Finish installation, reboot and the same problem. Nothing but blank screen. Arghhhhh. Reboot and entered CMOS and here the real problem lay, the CMOS setting was not correct. Boot order was not correct. Then, I smiled and said “God! Why must you punish me this way all the time??!!

Now, I have Fresh Ubuntu Installed and need to reinstall the God of All Games : World of Warcraft. The tedious process with 10 CDs (Both WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade).

So, tonight will be World of Warcraft Installation Night. Realm will be offline, so no worries!!!

ohhh munmon you suck big time this time!!!!

World of Warcraft Addiction

Good Morning

May the Lord of the Universe bless you. To all mankind and creatures of the world, Good Day and Good Health. We are all under magni nominis umbra. Christian??? No. I am not. Muslim I am. Not a good one and not bad either.

MMORPG or Massively multi-player online role-playing game is one of the modern world phenomenons. A plague some might call it, a gold making opportunity for the business oriented organisations. For the players, the best form of entertainment. I am one of those players. Enter the World of Warcraff, one of the best MMORPGs ever developed. Tons of such games exist today.

I believe not in such addiciton until it is too late. Too late to break free. Once you play you will have hard time to break from it. What makes this game addictive, I can never tell. The addiction is greater than anything I have ever craved before. A day without World of Warcraft feels like something is missing. You know the feeling when you are about to sleep but you can’t since you miss something. That’s the feeling.

It is not like drug addiction. There’s no withdrawal effect and muscle spasms. But there’s psychological effect. I am telling you what happen to me during the weeks of no World of Warcraft. Connection problems. For the last two weeks, I had this disconnection problem. I could only stay online in WoW for the max of 3 minutes. Then magically transferred to the Log in Screen with big annoying message “Disconnected from the Server”. That is enough to piss me off and make my day goes bad. Moody character I was during the duration of Curse of DC by TMNUTS and its SCREAMYX.

I am Gay (not that kind of Gay) person, a happy person. I never thought of not being able to play WoW, I would be very grumpy. Indeed I was very grumpy. Seemed like my emotion was being hurt. Oh yes, I was so pissed off with TmNet. Cursed them before going to sleep. Cursing is not my character, but World of Warcraft changes me. WoW has taken over my life. To my surprise, I have developed one kind of emotional attachment to my character “Loktaramish” and all of his affiliates. I even consider Lokt as my better-half, it is me in the World of Warcraft. I even think that Lokt is me and the look and cosmetic appearance of Lokt must suit my preferences. Anything that I do not like, even better than my current gear will never be worn. That Orc is me. Oh God! What is happenning to me.

Luckily, I can do my jobs at work. But still, I will take a minute or two to look at my Armoury just to ease my feeling. The burning desire to play World of Warcraft consumes my soul every now and then. I can stop playing for the max of 2 days. More that that, only God knows how the burning desire urge me to play. Come and Play the Word of Warcraft the brain tells me.

Take Care All. The World of Warcraft awaits

Annoying Windows Update Restart

Good Evening, My PC in the office just went through some updates. And as usual, Windows require restart in order to perform the updates. Usually Windows will pop-up a reminder to “Remind” user of the restart. This is an annoying reminder. We know and we will restart the PC eventually (sigh… Windows). They require restart in almost all updates. My Ubuntu PC never ask me to restart. I love my Ubuntu (Use it in both Office and Home)

The Dreaded Reminder

Well, every now and then this bloody reminder pops up to gain my attention. Which I dismiss asap. I need to get my work done. Who on earth creates this reminder? How stupid of him. Windows should give an option “Don’t Show this Dialog Anymore for Good”. Since I am fed up with this reminder, I do a search in Google, Keyword : “disable windows update restart”. The first entry answers my call Disable Windows Update restart nag. A simple solution. Open CMD and paste this command “sc stop wuauserv“. The stupid reminder will be gone for good. And of course the Windows Update will return in the next reboot. Take Care

My night life without WoW

Good Afternoon

World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPGs available today. Well this is the only MMORGP I ever played. I do not enjoy much of these on-line games. Sometimes it is wonderful. I prefer to solo. However, with WoW, you’ll need to have a group. World of Warcraft is the game I enjoy so much since Xbox 360. Until… one fateful day when DC continue to persist. One after another.

All I see is total blackness. My Karazhan raid, Alterac Valley Battle Ground, My earth signet, all seem to move away from me. The DC sickness is all around me. Loktaramish, Polatoo, Gemok and Duitloktar have not seen me in ages. I miss my toons. Spiteblade on Lokt’s back, Duitloktar and his Bank Suit and of course the total Gold with him. I miss them.

New router and new modem. Internet seems like to work normally. But, entering the virtual world of World of Warcarft, the most is 5 minutes then will be transported to Login Screen. Arghhhhhh. This ain’t hapenning. It has been 2 weeks, 14 nights without World of Warcraft.

To many it is a virtual world. As for me, it is the world of fun and glory. Killing as many Mobs in Kara as I can. Maximizing my DPS and seeking the path of the Champion or becoming the Master Assasin.

Sigh… Setupid TMNET!!!

PLF in memory… (Part Deux)

Good Morning,

All is well I hope for all of you. This is the second part of the previous post. I am so annoyed as I cannot play the World of Warcraft due to constant disconnection. TMNuts! what a nuisance of society. An abomination to Malaysia generally and Malaysians especially. So much of their play on line with TMNet. Well, you suck big time.

Okay, continuing with my memory at PLF.

There I had two colleagues, Ida and Nan. We were the librarian of Perdana Leadership Foundation (which they still do). Nothing much to say about these two.

Nan was already there during my 1st day in PLF. He served Perdana Library as System and Information Librarian. He still does. Hmmm, he had this name when I was there. I will not disclose it here, nothing to do with habits or anything disgraceful. That information is exclusively for those who had worked in PLF with me. He is a father now. Congratulations!!! You are 100% genuine male.

Ida, the only female in the library before the invasion of volunteers and students looking for internship. She was nice and hmmmm, never mind. A moody character which I do not understand. What do you expect? Men will never understand women. If anyone claims that he could understand and feel women. Spank him for me!!! Generally, she’s a okay. If anyone looking for a bride I can recommend one.

On technical side, is Mr. Murz. The only non-Librarian that resides in the library. PLF IT Administrator come photographer come prompter administrator. My partner in crime. He plays guitar. Tun Mahathir’s guitar is under his care. Well, what would Tun do with guitar. He can’t play guitar can he? It is better for such instrument be put under care of someone who can play.

All in all, Perdana Leadership Foundation was my foundation. It was there, I buill my skill. I had my own room there, with my name on the door. Where I could sleep under the table. Or sneak in if came in late. They are all memories now. I am no more in PLF, but I still love that place.

Take Care

PLF in memory…

Good Afternoon,

Hopefully all of you are having good health and living in prosperity. As for me, I am alive and kicking. May Allah bless you.

I am no more in Perdana Leadership Foundation. That place was very lovely, perhaps too lovely. I love that place. However, I had to move on. I am now with Open Univeristy Malaysia, and of course, as a librarian. There’s not much different in term of job responsibilities with PLF and OUM. I take care of the system here, manage iPortal and Database Subscriptions.

Library in Academic environment is very challenging. You have to work in shift to facilitate Library operating hours which is from 8.00AM – 8.00PM. Take turns to man the counter and do book shelving. Librarian does book shelving? Yeah, in OUM we need to multitask. We are small in numbers but we are great team players. Each of us knows what to do. And we get things done in no time.

I remember, when I was in PLF, my subordinate will do the shelving. I remember Kak Lat often whining of books not arranged properly. Shimie, do the shelving properly from now on!!! I am no more in PLF to speak for you.

My former Chief Librarian, En. Azahar who often joked around. He always said “Nyamuk Banyak la. Jom bunuh nyamuk!” hinting to go for smoke. He was nice, often belanja Adnan, Ida and me for makan-makan. Hail Mr. Azahar! I am sure he still belanja2 makan punya.

My GM, Puan Zarina, a very strict woman. She claimed she was not into jokes, but I knew she could laugh too. We often had differences but nothing more than jobs. She was nice anyway. Most of the foundation’s activities were headed by her.

Kak Lat, someone mistakenly took her as Datuk. Well, she’s like the mother of all staff in the library. What would we do if Kak Lat was not around? She whined a lot, but that’s okay, we could take it. The guardian of Che Det’s gift, books and such. Everything that was given to Mahathir local and abroad would have to go through her for cataloguing.

Tan Sri Nik or Pak Nik (our informal nick name to him) was the CEO of PLF. A great man. He had his own style. Very different from other Tan Sri. A unique character. He mooted the idea of PLF Digitisation Project which went very well. Who was that guy that headed Perdana Leadership Foundation 2006 Digitisation Project? That project went very well. (Haha. It was me).

Well, that’s for now. Will continue later

munmonlisme is back!!!

Good Evening,

It has been a while. I have returned from long silence. Now, I will be continuing my rant as usual. Presenting you, munmonlisme. Well, will be updating this page quite often from now. This is my first post of the year. Been busy with mt World of Warcraft. Always will.

Take Care