Hmmm. Talk like Bastards??

Good Evening,

It has been a while. “Me busy, leave me alone!”. /lol. Well, I have this “Work, work” in the office. There’s a time when the Chief calls upon me. I answered “Yes?”. “Something need doing?”. And as an obedient peon, I answered “Okie Dokie”. There you go, my addiction to the World of Warcraft. This game has taken its toll on me. I am now the servant of Thrall, Warchief of the Horde. Slave of Blizzard and a member of the Shattered Hand.

Okay, on with the content now. Do you know that each of us does talk like a bastard? What is this Talk like Bastards really. Simple. It simply means talk shits or Talk Cock (not the American Version of Cock). This is more like South East-Asian styles which means to talk nonsense. And today, I will point out some quotes from various people in my country, they shall be unnamed to protect their identity.

Let us read on, guess if you want.

“Kalau boleh saya tidak hendak perkara ini berlaku kerana saya tidak mahu anak-anak menjadi mangsa kejahilan kami berdua”

“xxxxx merupakan seorang artis baru yang terlalu naif mengenai selok-belok industri hiburan.”

“Saya fikir Shah Rukh layak mendapat penghormatan sebagai Dato Kehormat.”

“to ensure her safety”

“Saya rasa berdosa kalau orang-orang susah begini tidak dibantu dengan dihulurkan wang”

“Kalau teruja sekalipun janganlah terlebih over daripada artis. Ini tidak, setiap kali mereka nak umumkan artis yang berikutnya, dia pula yang mulakan nyanyian. Kalau sedap kira okey, tapi sumbang mambang. Kalau nyanyi ala kadar tak apalah juga, ini nyanyi macam nak terkeluar anak tekak”

Haha. Well. That’s all folk. Go ahead and make some intelligent guess!!


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