Finding myself through WP themes

Good Evening,

This is my 3rd times in this week alone I replace my WordPress Theme. Why? I just got fed up with the old themes. I just don’t like it anymore. Usually, I would restrain myself from keep on replacing themes. It requires tremendous works. A theme is just a theme, but, to enter, a theme must have many things that amuse me. I am very picky. Yes, I am. Colours, CSS, customisation and appearance all must pass my Rigid “Seal of Quality“.

I had my own theme for the past few years. It was called Orange: munmonlisme. It was Hemingway inspired theme. That was my best self-created theme. CSS certified, XHTML certified and W3C compliant. All gone due to too inevitable computer disaster. And, I failed to pay my bill (my previous web hosting).

I just don’t have the time to start from scratch. Forget about creating a new WP theme. WP has changed a lot since the last time I created my own theme. I have much better things to do. Shall we take a look at the themes I have used? Hmmm. Let me see…..

When I 1st set-up the new munmonlisme (this is version 2), I searched for a theme that really appealed me. So enter the faleonis by flisterz. Used it for about 4 months. When I found out this theme did not render me shadow properly (your theme is great flisterz, but please blame Microsoft for their stupid IE) in IE, I started to search for new theme.

deLight seemed to appeal to me. Oh. Sorry, this theme is created by Simon, a web designer from German. This theme is pretty nice, but, I don’t like the wasted space in the sidebar. Scrap this one too. Then, I found Ship Ahoy by Theme Terminal. I seem to like this one. Must be for the pirate’s naming convention. Ahoy. I just love to be a pirate. Even dream to become one. The good old-time pirate with that amazing Jolly Roger. Sweet huh?

Yarrrrr! Tis me blog. Arrgh!, See Ya Chum!

One thought on “Finding myself through WP themes

  1. maria November 4, 2008 / 11:27 PM

    bestla leh create theme sendiri..
    awak kan hebat :p
    saya tak reti..

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