World of Warcraft addict… how to tell?

Good Morning and Sejahtera

World of Warcraft the best MMORPG is now part of me. It is no more a mere game. As for me, World of Warcraft is a thing I must log-on at least once in every 2 days. The most I can stand without logging in is about 4 days. That’s the maximum, after that am gonna feel very-very uneasy, awkward and I will annoy people around me.

I have just created one Facebook Account for Loktaramish. I cannot name the account as Loktaramish son of Duraton. The system rejects such a name convention. /sigh. So, I used the Malay word for Son of which is “anak”. Instead of Loktaramish son of Duraton, I named the account as Loktaramish Anak Duraton. What a WoW freak.

By creating one special account for my World of Warcraft character, I have confirmed my place in the Halls of the Addicts, Special Category : World of Warcraft. Degree of Addiction: Severe!

Take Care

One thought on “World of Warcraft addict… how to tell?

  1. Shaira February 18, 2009 / 10:42 AM

    I missed zaman2 Melayu dulu… It’s totally different than now… Aih 🙁

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