Don’t talk shit about boycotting!!

Good Morning and Salam Sejahtera

Recently, the Zionist is at it again. Killing and destroying the people of Palestine. All the people of the world can do only one thing that is to condemn and condemn again. Nothing more. Or start to boycott these so called Jews product.

Tell you one thing, this boycotting will do nothing. Save that for even crumble the Economy of that Rogue State. What a futile actions. We have to boycott this and that la, boycott Nokia and Intel la. Come one man, nothing will happen.

If you want to start boycotting start with their “stronghold” 1st, the Hollywood. If you can do this, to stop watching movie, stop enjoying all series and sitcom (preferably 24, Heroes, American Idol, Seinfeld and etc) than please with all my respect, continue to boycott.

Don’t talk like bastards if you cannot stop enjoying Hollywood products. For these are the real Jews products. BTW, we are not concerned with Jews here. The culprit, the real culprit is ZIONIST not the Jews. Boycott Israeli product la, baru betol!!


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