Sabah Ahoy!

Salam Sejahtera dan Good Morning serta Assalamualaikum.

It has been a while since my last post. Oh. Not that long, only 3 days without post. Well, what can I say, am a very busy man. Very busy with my life, my social life (do I have one? lol) and of course, the life that I enjoy the most, The World of Warcraft.

Tomorrow I will be going to Sabah to conduct ISW (Woes to you that do not understand this acronym, ISW stands for Information Skills Workshop) class for the new students. Well basically, we have to provide current awareness to these students. The art of searching information and The art of developing Keywords. Searching through google is not the way. Information from google are not valid for research paper. It may ruin your paper.

There is nothing wrong with google actually, but the information from it. The authoritativeness, accuracy, timeliness and reliability are the most common disputes for them. To Sabah I will go, to Sandakan and KK, teach them all I know. May the spirits guide me.

Take Care

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