Something is wrong with Tumblr

I think there is something not right with our adored and precious Tumblr. Well forget about other people who have issues with Tumblr. It does not work for me. Some images do not even load. It looks atrocious.


If the image is viewed directly, browser will show this error message:


Is Tumblr disallowing linking to their hosted imaged? Well, I do not know. /sigh

Upon googling for “tumblr AccessDenied“, I came across with an interesting article “Why do images from some Tumblr pages not load, but using wget on them works?

After some reading, now I understand this has something to do with their servers. This is no network issue. As wget to that image works and that image is available in Tumblr. If some minor changes are made to the url of that image, it will show as usual.

Take this as example: <- This link will not work.

But if we change that 31 to say 41 the image will appear as usual.