Futile Resistance : Defeating Anti-Right Click


Sometimes, I wonder why would a web-master disable the right-click function? Do these nerds really think that they can protect their contents by disabling our browsers’ context menu? Sometimes I laugh hysterically thinking of their futile efforts to disable the “Right Click”. Huhuhu.

Come on, It’s only JavaScript and can be defeated simply by disabling javascript. This is an archaic way of protecting your content. If you do not want people to steal your images or anything and such. Don’t even post it in the 1st place.

Sometimes, right-click is very useful and disabling it is very-very offensive. People do right-click for one of these reasons:

  • Learning Purposes
  • Designing Idea

Why you should not disable right-click

Reason #1 : Annoying
Users who are using gesture to open new tab or links will be the most annoyed with this so called protecting feature. Most function to open link in new tab or window lies within the context menu. This is too retards. Oh yeah. You can tell people to use Ctrl or Apple Command key to open link in new tab/window. What about people with only one hand?


Reason #2 : Unprofessional and Insulting and very Offensive
Do you like to be treated like a thief? You don’t. No one does. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You don’t like to be treated like one. So don’t treat others like one. Capisc!!!

Reason #3 : It is Futile
This is 21st century. Generation X, Y and Z. The Google Generation. Protecting Site with disabling Right-Click is archaic. 5 years old kid knows how to disable javascript.

Thanks Doug