Will AI replace you?

Salam everyone. TokMun has not posted for a while. Being busy and over-encumbered with various tasks and visits overseas lately (tak jauh pun, Singapore sahaja). The visit was great, and we (the boss and several other colleagues) learnt various new things that we could implement at our library.

Back to our discussion – Will AI replace humans in the workplace? This is Digital Disruptions or disruptive technology that haunts people like you and me. The short answer is YES, but not like what you have in mind.

It is not the machine that will replace you and turn you into a battery or organic power cell (Read: The Matrix), nor does the machine try to eradicate all humanities like in the Terminator. You will be replaced by someone who can embrace or harness the power of AI. Your friends or colleagues are your direct threat to your very existence.

AI vs Humanities

You may have heard some alarming predictions about how artificial intelligence (AI) will take over your job and make you obsolete. While it is true that AI is transforming many industries and automating some tasks, it does not mean that a machine will replace you. However, it does mean that you will need to adapt and learn new skills to keep up with the changing demands of your profession.

AI is not a threat but an opportunity. It can help you work smarter, faster, and more creatively. It can augment your abilities and enhance your performance. It can also free you from tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more meaningful and rewarding aspects of your work.

But to take advantage of AI, you must know how to use it. You must understand its capabilities and limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and ethical and social implications. You need to be able to collaborate with AI systems, leverage their insights, and provide feedback. You need to be able to communicate effectively with other humans who use AI and those who do not.

Become AI literate and take control of your future:

In other words, you need to develop your AI literacy. This is the ability to understand, interact with, and benefit from AI in various contexts. AI literacy is not only about technical skills but also about cognitive, social, and emotional skills. It is about being curious, creative, critical, and compassionate.

AI literacy is not a luxury but a necessity. It is not something that only experts or specialists need, but something that everyone needs. It is not something you can learn once and forget, but something you must constantly update and improve.

If you do not develop your AI literacy, you may fall behind in your career and miss out on valuable opportunities. You may become irrelevant or redundant in the eyes of your employers or customers. You may lose your competitive edge or your sense of purpose.

AI will not replace you, but you will be replaced with someone who knows how to use AI. So do not fear AI, but embrace it. Do not resist change, but welcome it. Do not settle for the status quo, but strive for excellence.

The future of work is not about humans versus machines but humans with machines. And the future of work is now.


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