That dreaded IE6…


Perhaps, web developers worst nightmare is Internet Explorer 6. I usually don’t give a damn to this issue. All troubles while developing site and designing web page, CSS issues, div placement with IE6, I will choose to create a friendlier version for IE6. Forget the those standards and try to make that page appear correctly in IE6. Why? One reason : some users still refuse to change. They would rather spend their time with that ageing IE6.

Bah! But today, after so sick with, real sick with IE6, I have decided to force users to upgrade their IE6 or you are not welcome. It is so hard to create one page that is friendly with IE6 but looks horrible with other browsers. NO! NO! NO! NO!. That’s not gonna happen today.

I have put a code to ask users to upgrade their Internet Explorer 6. I wonder, why users are still tagged with that stupid browser. What a nonsense! I mean, how on earth IE6, the world’s most Worst Tech Products still being used by the general public? Don’t the users know how bad is IE6.

  • As of January 10, 2009, Secunia reports 142 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6
  • Security advisory site Secunia counted 20 unpatched security flaws for Internet Explorer 6, many more and older than for any other browser
  • IE6 does not fully support CSS version 2, unlike most browsers which in turn means web developers must use “hacks” or workarounds so IE6 will display web pages correctly.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is evil – pure and simple.

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