Make it a practice to always log off when finished!!!

Salam Sejahtera and Good Evening

Good Day to all of you. While waiting for the batch update of MARC record, I have found out that most users did not log off when they have finished using the computers. This is not practical and unwise. Ironically, they will make a fuss when something happen to their accounts. Who is to blame?

Using shared computers are very dangerous and prone to identity theft, banking account theft and many others. Yet they will blame others for their mistakes. Who is to blame?

Nevertheless, all of these may be avoided if users take several precautions while using and after using the computers.

Rule No. 1  : Never use shared computers for banking purposes.
Pretty simple. Never ever use any computers in Cyber Cafe, Library or any public computers for banking purposes, for these computers, we never know the people behind them. Don’t give your trust to these computers. Some evils lurk within them.

Rule No.2 : Never use shared computers for your online games.
Same like Rule No.1. I don’t trust any of these Cyber Cafe operators. Play your games there, have fun and tomorrow all your epic items are gone. Believe me, such thing happens. Play your games at home where it is safe and trusted (you will need to make sure before 100% safe).

Rule No.3 : Always inspect your computers for KEYLOGGERS.
This cute little programme is a total nuisance. Develop for good use but exploited for sinister purposes. They run silently in the background will record every stroke you enter and send them to their evil master. Effective for stealing account and password. They are many ways to combat this son-of-a-bitch. One of them is to check the running programmes in the background.

Rule No.4 : Never share your password even to your wifey and hubby.
Aahh. So you are in love. To share is to care. Share everything but not the passwords. Most of fraudulent cases are done by someone you know personally. Passwords are created to protect your data, your account and your money. Password that is known to more than one person is no more a password. Protect them.

Rule No.5 : Protect your computers with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware… Update them please!!!
Those bastards out there will never stop trying to steal your data. They will send hundreds if not thousands to you. Email scams, ad scams, po-pups and free games. Protect your computers with them and update them regularly. There is no use if you install anti-virus and anti-spyware without updating them.

Rule No. 6 : Have some common sense.
Some people they just don’t learn and take things for granted. Never ever entertain banking request from email. Meh! Banks ask your for passwords? Are you an idiot to believe that? No administrator or banks or System Admin will ask you for password. Don’t be so idiotic to succumb to those kind of request.

Rule No. 7 : Know your software.
People… people. You should have checked the software you have downloaded for any sign of sinister or rogue behaviour. True, many free games out there and most of them are package with extra features. Check them before install. Oh. Yeah. Tell you kids not to simply install applications in your computers. At least limit their accounts.

Rule No. 8 : Avoid using Administrative Account
This is hard to do. Yes I know. As a Linux user, I don’t have a problem with this. Linux users never log into Root Account for fun. We will be coming as GOD only when it is needed. We go as under privileged user all the time. Same goes to Windows user.

Rule No.9 : Clear your cache and Temp File after use and Log Out when done!!
Simple. Clear your browser data after use. Or setup your browser to automatically clear them when finish. Use that Log Out Button. They are created for a reason.

Rule N0.10 : Don’t use Internet Explorer laa
The most popular browser with security holes built as a package. The door to all evils to your computer. The browser that receives security updates all the time. When you know it is not safe… Why wait. Change to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


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