OUM Digital Library has new look too…

Good Evening,

Another 45 minutes to go before I will start chasing all the students out from this library. /lol. Of course, will never do that. It will reflect me as a person and what not, as a Happy Librarian. This is Munawar the Happy Librarian. The one that will always try to help no matter what.

For the past few months, I have made some changes to the iPortal’s look and feel. However, it is not available to the general public. You have to log in to our system in order to view. The time has come however, to replace the old look of Public iPortal. Remove some useless codes and putting away non-public directive and add-up some CSS 2.1. The new iPortal is now available.

This server is lacking some important packages, no PHP and mySQL. Nothing much that I can do. Installing won’t help either, I will need to recompile APACHE which I dare not to do. Let it be, let it be. Do not have the guts to face the fiasco should it arise.

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