Good Morning

It has been a while. Just got back from Sabah. Damn tired I am. Fasting, working, travelling and best of all, saved and sound. Am on leave this Monday. Hell no. Will not go to work since am too tired. And I miss Loktaramish the Rogue, me alternate life of World of Warcraft. I am happy to be able to touch my Keyboard, Mouse and the odour of this little room. I’m home again.

Long time ago, I installed XBMC onto my Xbox. Eversince, I have Xbox 360, that old good Xbox rarely gets my touch. I miss XBMC though. While browsing, I came across a post in Lifehacker about XBMC being released to all platform. Previously, it was available only through SVN, and kinda buggy. It would crash whenever I played Morcheeba. Funny, it would crash with that particular song. I donno you tell me!!!

Alas, after years of development, finally, they have released Beta Versuin and works like a charm. On my OS, the Great Ubuntu, XBMC rules. Forget Amarok, forget Elisa and forget all, XBMC is all in one application. One App to rule them all.

XBMC manages to take me away from Loktaramish for a while. Sweet~~.

What, you do not know what the hell is XBMC? Such a waste of time. Click here to learn more.

Install and get it run. You’ll never turn back.

4 thoughts on “XBMC

  1. munmon September 23, 2008 / 2:15 PM

    Shaira : No. Not talking about the prohibition of snapping pictures whilst in flight. Switching on me HP to snap the pictures being the issue now. lol.

    Kiter : Apa tak reti guna peluang. Pandai je kiter neh, awak tahulah. Nantilah. Huhu

  2. Kiter September 23, 2008 / 1:09 PM

    munmon memang tidak pandai menggunakan peluang yang ada

  3. Kiter September 22, 2008 / 10:54 PM

    nate go dio la XBMC neh!!!

  4. Shaira September 23, 2008 / 9:33 AM

    Taking pictures are prohibited in the flight? I amik ok je, huhu. Haiya, baru nak tengok the pics. Never been to Sabah before. Hope you had a great trip 😀

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