Finally… It’s over

Good Day,

For the past few days the Digital Library were closed due to OUM 6th Convocation. Not just the library, the whole OUM was closed to give way to the convocation ceremony. It was tiresome. I was involved with OUM Choir Unit. We had to sang for each sessions. 2 songs during the opening which were Negaraku and OUM, 1 song in the middle and finally Negaraku again for the closing. They were 6 sessions altogether. And if my calculations were not without mistake, 25 songs were sang during the convocation. Those songs were:

  1. Top of The World (2 Times)
  2. Standing in the Eyes of the World (Too bad, only 1 Time)
  3. One Moment in Time (2 Times)
  4. Malaysiaku Gemilang (2 Times)

Despite of minor glitches the choir went smoothly. We had some troubles to follow the rhythm as our Monitor Speakers were not functioning properly. That is a trouble. Having to sing without music guidance is terrible. However, we had good instructor and of course the teacher himself. Guided us until the speakers operated normally.

Well, this is my debut as a Choir Members. Scared for making mistake (none was made), tired as having to get up early in the morning like 5.30AM and fun as I never realised I could sing.

That’s all folks. Gotta go to Convocation Dinner. Absolute must for me.

Take care

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