Ad-Hoc Reporting vs InfoStation

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When ever it comes to produce monthly reports or statistical data. I always prefer to use the ad-hoc version rather than VTLS own Reporting Tool, the InfoStation. One of the reasons is speed and mobility. Speed as in time needed to generate report. Mobility deals with the ability to be export into various format, be it CSV, Excel or simple Text file. However, to use Ad-Hoc reporting tool, one must have broad understanding of Virtua VTLS Database Structure and SQL. It will be difficult to produce simple report without any of these two.

InfoStation ain’t that bad after all. However, it requires patience and good Apache configuration. Some of the reports will go into Network Time-out due to Apache’s Time-out Configuration. Since I do not have ROOT access to Virtua Server to restart HTTP service and is feeling lazy to configure Apache Configuration (odd huh? I can configure Apache, but cannot restart System Service), Ad-Hoc Reporting is my friend. With it, I can generate any reports I want. Circulation Status, Transaction Logs, Checked-Out Status and many more.

Use InfoStation if you do not want any hassles. As for me, I prefer Ad-Hoc Reporting Access. How to use Ad-Hoc Reporting? The easiest way is to call your regional VTLS support and ask for guidance. They will be happy to help yo. Am not going to explain those complicated stuff here. Maybe in the future I would.

I would be happy if VTLS Malaysia could conduct a session to use Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools. Some Administrators are not aware of such function. Or perhaps just too lazy to configure the system for it. It is a little bit complicated but once done, the magic will start pouring in.

The basic Idea is to use any Database Program (Microsoft Access or Open Office Base) and link it with Virtua Database. Use the Database Program to generate report based upon your queries. Perhaps in the future I will explain the Queries I use to generate my report.

Okay. It has been 10 hours now. I must go home and do some DPS in WoW. Or slice the demon in Devil May Cry. Just can’t wait for my Ninja Gaiden 2.

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