Officially OUM Librarian

Good Morning and Salam Sejahtera and Assalamualaikum

As of August 4 this year, me position as a Librarian in Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library has been confirmed. After 6 months of undying will to serve OUM to the best of my ability has been fruitful. Being given a confirmation letter is the best experience for me this year. It’s like Wow!, Horrah!, Yeay!, Yeeehaaaa! in one word.

My resilience towards challenges in OUM, including external factors such as fever and what not is unbreakable. The traffic condition in Lok Yew is nothing for me. Stupid drivers in that area have no effect upon me whatsoever. I still remember when I was in PLF, money was an issue. Almost everything would require careful planning and I could never spend like now. But, that was a long time ago. Today, money is no more an issue. I can buy whatever I want.

Being new in OUM, I cannot say “No!” to anything. All requests by the bosses must be fulfilled. I was asked to join Choir, I did without any sign of refusal. I am Bass Vocal in OUM Choir Group. The fatherly voice as told by my choir instructor. I was asked to produce 495 CDs and I did without resistance. And of course with the help of fellow colleagues. There’s no way I can finish that in 2 weeks.

As I am now confirmed as OUM Librarian – more responsibilities are coming to me. I just can feel it. However, my life is still for the Horde.


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