The Executive Retreat #2

Good Evening and Sejahtera to all,

As promised here is the update of yesterday’s post [The Executive Retreat]. The Paint Ball Session. To most of us, this was our first time experiencing the heat and tense of paint ball. And of course the pain of being shot with that gelatin pallet. I was hit on the head, elbow, neck and the eye. If I were not wearing any protection gear, I would be blind by now.

This was the final day before our training was finally over. We were told to get ready by 8.00AM in the morning where we would be transported to Bukit Tinggi Paint Ball Field. Arrive Bukit Tinggi around 9.00AM and we were briefed on safety aspects of Paint Ball, Strategies and How To Paint Ball. In Paint Ball game, Mask or Face protection is a must. It is absolute no no to play paintball without face protection.

We were then divied into 4 groups comprised of 8 players. Gender was not an issue. Each group was given colour, The Red Team (my team and led by me), Green Team, Blue Team and Pink Team (lol). The 1st game was between Red Team and Blue Team and Winner of course the Red Team. Next was Green Team vs Pink Team and won by Pink Team due to foul play by the Green Team. Then loser vs loser and winner vs winner. With Red Team exceptional leader, the Red Team was declared the Champion of the Day. 🙂

Then the game got more interesting as the Marshals versus OUM. Obviously, the loser would be OUM Team. Those Marshals were far more experienced with this game. And they play for free. We on the other hand were inexperienced. Nevertheless, the Paintball Session was fun and satisfying. We then head back to Awana at 12.30. We planned to perform Friday Prayer but time did not permit us. So we skipped Friday Prayer and straight to checking out.

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