damn… forget my belt!!!

Good Evening,

I am working late today, 12 PM – 9 PM. A librarian in an academic environment will face that kind of situation. Working on Saturday and Sunday, Manning the counter and so on. This is the life of a librarian. But not the old-fashioned ones. They are on the bridge of extinction as the influx of the new age librarian is inevitable. This is the age of Librarian 2.0. Am on the other hand is version 2.5. Haha.

Okay, as I was supposed to clock in at 12 PM and I took my time to work. It was like 10 AM and it was still early. Rolling from left to right on my bed. Oh God! This pillow smelled good. It was my “bantal bucuk”. What!!! I can’t have any bantal busuk? No way, I love my bantal busuk!!! Buzz off. None will take that bantal busuk away from me. Not even my mother!!!

The air was cold and nice. Ahhhh. So lazy!!! Skip work. No! No can do! This is no school anymore. It is a okay to skip class. I always skipped my class during my studying days. But make sure to score in every test. Those lecturers would not say anything if you are good. They could not do anything because you are good!!!

Suddenly the time was like 11.15 AM. Shit, this is no good. Time for express bathing, breakfast and driving to work. Bathing took 10 minutes, pant and shirt 5 minutes and breakfast 5 minutes (bread, cheesdale and salad). It was like 11.40 PM and I quickly ran to the car. Started the engine and went to work. There’s no time to heating up the engine. Waste of petrol and time. Arrive OUM at 11.58 and clock in at 12.01 PM. At least not being late for 5 minutes or so.

Then my khaki started to losing its grip around the waist. I see…. not wearing any belt. Damn!!!

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