resumes operation

Good Evening,

Sejahtera to all of you. After the disastrous mistake couple of days ago. resumes its operation. Re-installation of Ubuntu took about 30 minutes, post-installation configurations took about 2 hours, and installation of World of Warcraft took about 1 day to complete (includes all patches and interface modification). All together, the process to setup took 1 day ++.

Well not that hard actually. Look at the bright side, I have fresh Ubuntu Installation and Fresh Hard Disk to fill. What shall I pour into this Hard Disk? I have like 160G of free space now. Yes I am sad to loose all my MP3 (9854 MP3s of various type of Musics). 1 month time worth of playtime. OPS torrent will be operating soon. When, I do not know. But not right now.

Take Care now, gotta go to sleep!


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