Oh Nooo. I am so stupid!!!

Good Evening,

Yesterday, I had hard time to sleep due to daytime sleep. Well, it’s suck. Since I could not sleep, I spent my time with my Ubuntu, trying this Samba Application. Once of the functions, messed with my sudoers file. I can’t do SUDO anymore. Shit. How to edit that file if I can’t SUDO.

But, as usual, no need to panic as I had (I though I had, but no!!!) the Ubuntu LIVE CD. I just could not find the CD. Double shit for me. So I use the Alternate Installation CD which had this recover function. Use that to edit the sudoers file. Done, save and reboot the file. But nothing happened!!! Did I mess with my boot loader. I believed I did. I did chose the option to amend Grub. But that was on the other HDD not the main HDD.

As usual, I always learnt my lesson through the hard way. So i decided to do Clean Re-installation of Ubuntu. Aaa. That’s nice. I would have Fresh Installed Ubuntu. With a price – to lose all of my files (MP3, WMA, OGG, JPG, WMV, World of Warcraft, XBMC, Diablo2 and etc. Well, it’s okay. I have backups. Numerous of them, here and there. Everywhere.

Finish installation, reboot and the same problem. Nothing but blank screen. Arghhhhh. Reboot and entered CMOS and here the real problem lay, the CMOS setting was not correct. Boot order was not correct. Then, I smiled and said “God! Why must you punish me this way all the time??!!

Now, I have Fresh Ubuntu Installed and need to reinstall the God of All Games : World of Warcraft. The tedious process with 10 CDs (Both WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade).

So, tonight will be World of Warcraft Installation Night. Realm will be offline, so no worries!!!

ohhh munmon you suck big time this time!!!!

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