PLF in memory… (Part Deux)

Good Morning,

All is well I hope for all of you. This is the second part of the previous post. I am so annoyed as I cannot play the World of Warcraft due to constant disconnection. TMNuts! what a nuisance of society. An abomination to Malaysia generally and Malaysians especially. So much of their play on line with TMNet. Well, you suck big time.

Okay, continuing with my memory at PLF.

There I had two colleagues, Ida and Nan. We were the librarian of Perdana Leadership Foundation (which they still do). Nothing much to say about these two.

Nan was already there during my 1st day in PLF. He served Perdana Library as System and Information Librarian. He still does. Hmmm, he had this name when I was there. I will not disclose it here, nothing to do with habits or anything disgraceful. That information is exclusively for those who had worked in PLF with me. He is a father now. Congratulations!!! You are 100% genuine male.

Ida, the only female in the library before the invasion of volunteers and students looking for internship. She was nice and hmmmm, never mind. A moody character which I do not understand. What do you expect? Men will never understand women. If anyone claims that he could understand and feel women. Spank him for me!!! Generally, she’s a okay. If anyone looking for a bride I can recommend one.

On technical side, is Mr. Murz. The only non-Librarian that resides in the library. PLF IT Administrator come photographer come prompter administrator. My partner in crime. He plays guitar. Tun Mahathir’s guitar is under his care. Well, what would Tun do with guitar. He can’t play guitar can he? It is better for such instrument be put under care of someone who can play.

All in all, Perdana Leadership Foundation was my foundation. It was there, I buill my skill. I had my own room there, with my name on the door. Where I could sleep under the table. Or sneak in if came in late. They are all memories now. I am no more in PLF, but I still love that place.

Take Care

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