PLF in memory…

Good Afternoon,

Hopefully all of you are having good health and living in prosperity. As for me, I am alive and kicking. May Allah bless you.

I am no more in Perdana Leadership Foundation. That place was very lovely, perhaps too lovely. I love that place. However, I had to move on. I am now with Open Univeristy Malaysia, and of course, as a librarian. There’s not much different in term of job responsibilities with PLF and OUM. I take care of the system here, manage iPortal and Database Subscriptions.

Library in Academic environment is very challenging. You have to work in shift to facilitate Library operating hours which is from 8.00AM – 8.00PM. Take turns to man the counter and do book shelving. Librarian does book shelving? Yeah, in OUM we need to multitask. We are small in numbers but we are great team players. Each of us knows what to do. And we get things done in no time.

I remember, when I was in PLF, my subordinate will do the shelving. I remember Kak Lat often whining of books not arranged properly. Shimie, do the shelving properly from now on!!! I am no more in PLF to speak for you.

My former Chief Librarian, En. Azahar who often joked around. He always said “Nyamuk Banyak la. Jom bunuh nyamuk!” hinting to go for smoke. He was nice, often belanja Adnan, Ida and me for makan-makan. Hail Mr. Azahar! I am sure he still belanja2 makan punya.

My GM, Puan Zarina, a very strict woman. She claimed she was not into jokes, but I knew she could laugh too. We often had differences but nothing more than jobs. She was nice anyway. Most of the foundation’s activities were headed by her.

Kak Lat, someone mistakenly took her as Datuk. Well, she’s like the mother of all staff in the library. What would we do if Kak Lat was not around? She whined a lot, but that’s okay, we could take it. The guardian of Che Det’s gift, books and such. Everything that was given to Mahathir local and abroad would have to go through her for cataloguing.

Tan Sri Nik or Pak Nik (our informal nick name to him) was the CEO of PLF. A great man. He had his own style. Very different from other Tan Sri. A unique character. He mooted the idea of PLF Digitisation Project which went very well. Who was that guy that headed Perdana Leadership Foundation 2006 Digitisation Project? That project went very well. (Haha. It was me).

Well, that’s for now. Will continue later

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